Savor the play


through April 30th

Fat free, gluten free, sugar free & fun for friends & family!

What's inside:
9" quad-fold Game Board
2 boxes of Q&A cards
6 ICE Pawns & 1 die in a Peanut Bag
36 ICE Chips in a Popcorn Bag
Pot Luck & Foodie Finish Cards in a Cookie Bag
Menu of Rules
All printed in the USA

2-6 players or teams go around the board earning ICE chips by answering questions from 6 categories: World of Fares, Let It Pour, Ways & Means, Food For Thought, Melange and Happy Endings. The first player to get 6 different colored ICE chips enters the Dish It Out Foodie circle to answer a Foodie Finish question to win. TREAT STREET, a yellow causeway, loops around the board for a chance to move quickly to a category that’s needed. Other stops along the way are POT LUCK, SOUR TURN, ROTTEN APPLE, FISH ROLL and TREAT YOURSELF.

Sample Questions below. Go To Answers.

The artwork featured on the game board and on this site is from original paintings by
Celeste Lazarou D'Anjolell
"The packaging is ingenious.
It comes in a pizza box!

Everyone enjoyed playing and we had a lot of fun. A game revolving around food
is right my alley!
So, Savor the Play."

Sherrie Longello
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Sherrie Longello, Owner and Founder, yophillyfoodies

"Some questions were easy (you know, the ones the other team had!) and other questions let us learn about things we did not know that we did not know.
Now I had the ideal game to take to England as a gift for our son-in-law. Congratulations on producing such a fun game."

Ann P.
"A clever and entertaining game that reels you in with challenging questions. Perfect for weekend nights at home with friends."
Lorraine Ranalli
  Author "Gravy Wars"
"I had the opportunity to
play the game before
I wrote this article.
We played as two teams consisting of three players on each team and we all had a great time relying on teamwork to try and answer the questions."
Marge Royal
Delco News Network
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